The album entitled ‘León y Valencia’ is a joint project of János Ujházi and Krisztián Szabó.

When writing the songs, János used the traditional methods of composition, but later, to sound the music, we turned mainly to the sound patterns and other possibilities of the computer. This way, a made-up genre was created somewhere between individual Latin songs (canzone, chanson, cantiga) and pop music.

The poems originate in the classical Italian, French and Spanish literature of the 16-19th centuries. They were selected mostly by the form of the poems and the sound of the text, therefore, the form of the music follows many times that of the poems. This quasi-abstract way of handling the texts distances the vocal part from the usual ’direct’ singing style of pop music, and brings it closer to the monodic song accompanied by an instrument.

The name of the group and the title of the album, ‘León y Valencia’, are two Spanish regions and cities at the same time; words that, for us, in themselves evoke an imaginary classical era where idealized pop music and sublime literature can live together.

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János Ujházi
lead vocal:
Krisztián Szabó

keyboard, harmonica, arrangement: János Ujházi
background vocals, arrangement, digital realization: Krisztián Szabó

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